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For companies

Who judges the awards?

Your customers judge and rate the awards. You request them to rate your service and they will score you based on a standard set of questions. We also drive traffic to the site in order to get customers to rate your service. The winners are determined based on this feedback.

When do the awards open/close?

Company registration opens on 1 March and customer ratings starts on 1 June. The competition closes on 31 August.

What do we win?

Winners receive the esteemed South African Service Award for their category, the reason that this award is so highly regarded is because it is awarded by your actual customers. If you receive a score of 80% or more from customers, you will also receive certification for Customer Satisfaction from the South African Service Awards, this provides you with the right to promote the certification for your service levels, this is a major competitive differentiator.

Why are the awards important?

In many cases the only differentiator between two companies offering similar products is their service level. Customers are demanding high levels of service and what better way to prove it to them than by being awarded the South African Service Award by your customers.

Why would we want to compete if we already do our own in-house surveys?

It is great to know that you already understand the importance of measuring customer satisfaction. Participating in the South African Service Awards program adds value to your current initiatives by providing 3rd party validation. The results are completed unbiased, secure for customers to 'speak' their mind, easy to administer and run, and lastly, you have the opportunity of earning a certification award to showcase your customer satisfaction achievement.

We already use a 3rd party for customer satisfaction surveys

There are some great service providers out there for sure. The recognition of being awarded a completely independent third party award adds huge credibility to your service and your brand.

If we qualify for certification, how would we know?

If your scores are above 80% at the closing date of the awards our system will automatically identify you and make the relevant plans to communicate your certification.

If we don't get certified, do we find out why?

One of the valuable outputs of this program is the data. You will see how your customers score you. The data is broken down by question and you will see where you are perceived as high or low by customers. This invaluable data will assist you in focusing your efforts to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and the opportunity to earn certification.

How long is the certification valid for?

It is valid for a 12 month period from the date of issue, on the day of the awards ceremony.

What exactly do we get if I get certified?

You will receive a certificate and logo to use in marketing. Certified companies will also have the ability to request their logo's to remain on circulation on the South African Service Awards website until the opening of the following years awards. This may be at a cost.

How do I receive my scores?

We have built an easy-to-use tool that shows you all the results graphically and all verbatim feedback is available in a summary format by question. You can print off the data to share with corporate executives and, if you elect for 2 or more surveys per annum, you will also be able to view trend analysis so you can see what may have changed in the eyes of your customers.

How do I encourage my customers to rate us in the South African Service Awards?

We provide you with unique links to your specific survey, this will allow you to communicate the link in e-mail to your customers, add the link to your website, include it in marketing etc. You can also offer incentives such as prize draws and we will gladly select a winner for you randomly so that all your customers who voted can remain anonymous if they so wish.

How soon after entering can I start the voting process?

Company pre-registration starts on 1 January and ends on 31 May. Customers are free to rate after the pre-registration period.

Is there an award ceremony?

Yes, we present the South African Service Awards at our annual ceremony in Gauteng - details of the event will be communicated closer to the time.

Can I use the logos to show we are certified?

Yes. This is a valuable way to showcase your customer satisfaction performance.

Can we print off the scores and feedback?

Yes. This is a standard feature available for all participants.

How can I advertise this to my customers?

You will receive a logo which you can add to all marketing materials, your website, even email signatures. You can send out press releases and direct them to the South African Service Awards website. We will also undertake active marketing to make consumers aware of the awards.

Can our marketing agency enter on our behalf?

Yes, however they will need approval from you and they must also provide us with the details of their senior contact at your company.

Can we see who gave feedback?

Customers have the ability to either communicate their details or remain anonymous, if a customer selects to remain anonymous you will only see the detail of their rating and not their name.

How do we receive the reports?

The reports are available to anyone you designate as an administrator of your program. They can check real time results and print out and share results for your executive board to review.

How much does it cost to enter the awards?

Entry fee is free of charge.

For Customers

I have received poor service from a winner, how can they win an award?

The award is based on meeting 80% or higher in customer satisfaction which is deemed world class performance. We encourage you to use the South African Service Awards website to give registered companies feedback. Unfortunately we cannot assist with any disputes.

How do I report poor service?

Rate the company on our site.

Will my comments be passed to the company I am giving feedback to or any other company?

Your comments will be passed onto the company, however, personal details are not communicated to the company unless you agree to include them in your rating.

How do we know you aren't giving every company certification?

Achieving certification is based on statistical models to ensure that there is a high confidence rating. To earn certification each company has to meet the minimum high standards.

Is this a fair process?

Yes, all ratings are based on feedback from customers and we have no influence in the process. Any company who meets these standards has proven they have satisfied customers.

Is this a guarantee that the winners will provide outstanding service to me as a customer?

Any company who displays an authentic South African Service Awards logo from Smoke Customer Care Solutions (a list will be available on www.smokeccs.com and www.saservice.co.za) has demonstrated that at the time they were certified, they achieved the minimum standards. It is not a predictor of future behaviour on the part of the company and we suggest that you continue to conduct all the typical due diligence activities as with any supplier.